Monday, July 21, 2008

Henry Cow subscription

9 CDs, 1 DVD and a book! You need more Henry Cow, don't you? Subscribe at ReR. None of these recordings have been released before, except on bootlegs. One of the recordings are from Trondheim, Norway (1976?). Is Robert Wyatt on some of these albums, or the DVD? I just wonder.
Here are your choices: SUBSCRIPTION EDITIONS: STOCKHOLM only £11.50, VOL 1 - 5 CDs , box, book £45, VOL 2 - 4 CDs, DVD, box, book £50, THE ENTIRE SET, in two boxes plus a free, third, specially designed, solid matching continuous-artwork empty box in which to keep the already released 5 studio CDs. In a numbered edition, with a special additional subscription item. £99".
ReR is not your standard capitalist company, so just ask if you're not able to pay all of it in one go, and if you only buy the Stockholm album, they'll reduce the price on the rest if you change your mind, and want all of it.

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