Saturday, March 8, 2014

La Plus Jolie Langue

I´m not 100% sure, but it seems like Steve Nieve´s album "Together" (EARmusic 2014) is out all over the world now?

Guests include Ron Sexsmith, Sting, Elvis Costello, Laurie Anderson, and most important for us Robert Wyatt!
The track "La Plus Jolie Langue" with Robert Wyatt & Muriel Teodori is absolutely beautiful, French language and all!

I have only downloaded the Wyatt track so far (iTunes), but might come back later with more. Any views out there on this album?

Here is the full track list, and you may find a teaser on YouTube:

1. Save the World (feat. Tall Ulyss)
2. Conversation (feat. Vanessa Paradis)
3. You Lie Sweetly (feat. Sting)
4. What a Holiday (Pandemonium) (feat. Harper Simon)
5. Tender Moment (Kairos) (feat. Elvis Costello)
6. Up (feat. Joe Sumner)
7. Vertigo (feat. Laurie Anderson)
8. Life Preserver (feat. Steve Nieve)
9. Halloween (Bonfire Night) (feat. Ron Sexsmith)
10. I Do Not Miss You (Nostalgia #2) (feat. Glenn Tilbrook)
11. La Plus Jolie Langue (feat. Robert Wyatt & Muriel Teodori)
12. La Crise (feat. Cali)
13. Voué à l'oubli (feat. Alain Chamfort)
14. Burn the Past (feat. Joe Sumner)
15. Summer Song (Espionage) (feat. Glenn Tilbrook)

If you want to check, there are also some really fine Robert Wyatt moments on Steve Nieve and Muriel Teodori´s "Welcome to the voice" (Deutsche Grammophon 2007).

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