Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sounds New

Some videos with Elaine Mitchener today. She is performing "Robert Wyatt’s Cuckooland – remixed live performance" with Matthew Wright, Tony Hymas, Brodsky Quartet at Sounds New Festival, Canterbury, in May.

Videos from the top:
- Christian Marclays Manga Scroll (Bremen 2013)
- The Quiet Club performing as part of FUAIM in the Crawford Sculpture Gallery along with amazing guests Elaine Mitchener and VOXMAREAL (Sarah Hayden and Rachel Warriner) (2014 probably).
- EMJA - Mark Sanders (drums), Alison Blunt (violin), Elaine Mitchener (voice), John Russell (guitar) at Mopomoso free improvisation night. Filmed by Helen Petts at the Vortex Jazz Club London on 17 March 2013.

As if the Brodsky Quartet and Robert Wyatt´s Cuckooland wasn´t enough, this is also happening at the Sounds New Festival:
"Janek Schaefer is one of the UKs most distinctive sound artists. For the informal opening night of the Sounds New Festival, Janek will create a brand new sound work as part of an exhibition based around the ‘Canterbury Sound’, in particular the work of Robert Wyatt, whose ‘Cuckooland’ album has been used as a point of reference."

Janek Schaefer pictured visiting Bergen´s Lydgalleriet (The Sound Gallery) in 2009.

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