Tuesday, November 10, 2009

British jazz, Krog, Lindström

- Petter Herbertsson has written a piece on the step from listening to Canterbury music to British jazz in the Swedish magazine Friendly Noise (and it´s in Swedish). See also the Wire´s primer British Visionary Jazz.
- The Independent on Sunday (8 November 2009) reviews Karin Krog´s reissued album "Joy" (Meantime Records) (an album that´s got lots of great reviews!), and writes: ""Mr Joy", the opening song of this 1968 album by Norwegian vocalist Krog, still sounds startlingly contemporary, like a newwave folk-jazz project referencing Robert Wyatt and early John Martyn".
- Swedish newspaper Gøteborgs-Posten (paper version 9 November 2009) interviews Jeanette Lindström on the cooperation with Robert Wyatt on the album "Attitude and orbit control". She tells she was very touched by Wyatt´s music, listening to him after recommendations from producer Göran Petersen. "I became happy and felt free by listening, and remembered that I could do just what I wanted to" (my translation from Swedish, no offence I hope) . After writing to Wyatt he immediately called back, and then she visited him in England to work. The Swedes!
Let´s have the piece on the web Göteborgs-Posten, OK?

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