Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Saturday at Piksel 09

Saturday evening and another night at the Piksel 09 festival in Bergen. This night we even got to see boxers in action! I hereby steal some info from the Piksel site, and let them explain this for you: "A livecoding showdown – improvisation as physical interation with structure generators, two boxers are having an infight between themselves and the computer. Uppercuts and punches are the means to write software that can only defend itself with music. Artistic creativity and decisionmaking is done simultaneously in embodied and disembodied ways". The piece was called "He boxed regularly and was strong and very brave and always a perfect gentleman", and was made and performed by Iohannes M Zmölnig (AT), Georg Richard Holzmann (AT) and Michael Reinhard Pinter (NL). Quite entertaining stuff this, in front of a blood thirsty audience!

I also saw nice performances by Bjørnar Habbestad and Jeff Carey with electroacoustic "Respirator", and some noisy ambient (if that´s possible) by Oscar Martin, called "noish_VS_automata". After 10 minutes of Ryan Jordan´s "Psychoid" this old body had to transport itself outside the concert area. Minimalistic noise and strobe lights bang in the face was best experienced from outside (see video below).

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