Friday, November 13, 2009

Vandermark, Nilssen-Love and another couple too

I went out yesterday with Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen-Love in mind. The concert in Bergen was a double bill, and even if the the first act, Lê Quan Ninh (percussion) and Michel Doneda (sax), was doing some exciting stuff (what a mean percussionist!) they´ll have to excuse me for getting a bit restless towards the end of their concert. I was afraid I had to run for the bus before Vandermark/Nilssen-Love even started. I did not have to worry though, because Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ken Vandermark (sax, clarinet) did an intense but quite short set (45 minutes). Great if you ask me, but I think some of the people in the audience didn´t even realize it was over, and then the musicians were gone. I was happy still, and even got on the last bus home. Some more clips from the concert on YouTube (here and here).
Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen-Love both play in several bands (OK, lots of bands), and they have several new albums on the market as usual. More on some of the albums in the blog later I guess.

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