Friday, November 6, 2009

Unlimited 23

Unlimited 23 is happening right now in Wels (Austria), and that looks like an exciting festival! I hope to see and hear bits and pieces from these happenings. Spunk is there, and Maja Ratkje is participating in a John Zorn project and also working with Hild Sofie Tafjord in Phantom Orchard Orchestra. Canterbury heroes Fred Frith and Chris Cutler are on the program too.

Information stolen from here:

friday, nov. 6, starting at 7pm
spunk [maja ratkje, hild sofie tafjord, kristin andersen, lene grenager]
speak easy [phil minton, thomas lehn, ute wassermann, martin blume]
john zorns cobra „wels operations“ [ikue mori, zeena parkins, shayna dunkelman, sylvie courvoisier, okkyung lee, maja ratkje, kazuhisa uchihashi, fred frith, david watson, chris cutler, tony buck, noid haberl, makigami koichi]
ktl [peter rehberg, stephen o'malley]
dj l8@ the bar

saturday, nov. 7
afternoon @ different venues in town
phil minton & dieb13 @ im pavillon / 2pm
pamelia kurstin „thinking out loud“ @ im kornspeicher / 3pm

evening program @ schl8hof, starting at 7 pm
agra dharma [koichi makigami, sylvie courvoisier, ikue mori]
lotte anker & okkyung lee & lindha kallerdahl
phantom orchard orchestra [ikue mori & zeena parkins with sara parkins, maggie parkins, shayna dunkelman, maja ratkje, hild sofie tafjord]
fred frith & chris cutler

sunday, nov. 8, starting at 2pm
afternoon @ medienkulturhaus wels, galerie der stadt wels
ikue mori with mark nauseef, makigami koichi, kazuhisa uchihashi
zeena parkins "saw sun here" [zeena parkins, maggie parkins, sara parkins]

evening program @ schl8hof, starting at 6pm
lotte anker & sylvie courvoisier & mark nauseef
peter evans & okkyung lee
glacial [david watson, lee ranaldo, tony buck]
the ex 30 years party! [terrie hessels, andy moor, katherina bornefeld, arnold de boer]
dj l8@ the bar: christof kurzmann & andy moor

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