Saturday, January 12, 2008


The Second day of the All Ears festival was a bit more noisy than the first one, but a whole lot of fun.
The Finnish power duo Pymathon started off with a bang. According to the programme they play "free-form trash metal improv". That's right.
Next came Kai Mikalsen's project Kobi. Droning ambient. It felt as long as the Stone Age. Towards the end a hooded young guy entered the stage, and I hoped for some hip-hop, but bouncer Lasse Marhaug got him off the stage in three seconds flat!
Magnus Broo and Fredrik Ljungkvist, both from Atomic did a hell of a show. Trumpet, saxes and clarinettes, that's enough. Great!
Guys from Cloroform, Noxagt and Blodsprut(Norwegian bands), Zanussi/Hana/Fjordheim, performed a short energetic, noisy set. I thought it was pretty cool, but my ears don't agree. No ears left!
The evening ended with three American ladies called 16 Bitch Pile Up. Noisy, powerful and even with a smile or two. Conclusion: Holy Bitch!
Wardrobe helpers: Kjetil Møster, Maja Ratkje og Paal Nilssen-Love.

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