Friday, January 4, 2008


This blog is "Wyatting" (se head of blog for explanation), or at least we're joking about it. In one of my local newspapers in Bergen (BA 4 January - only in the paper version) there is an interview with musician and festival organizer Ole Hamre (Oi Oi Festival). He tells us he is not enjoying background music in bars and pubs, and suggest a method developed by Terje Isungset to reduce the noise: Isungset brings his own CD for the evening, and asks the bartenders if they could play this record. It has 3 minutes of music and then 70 minutes of silence. I guess this is the opposite of "Wyatting", and I hereby name it "Icing", since "IS" is ice in Norwegian, and Terje Isungset also makes instruments of ice. More on this musician on his blog and his web site. He's doing a festival in China these days. Cool guy? And if you follow the link to the Oi Oi Festival, Isungset is standing to the left, here with chef's hat!

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