Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Robert Wyatt has written a short foreword to Ian Clayton's book "Bringing It All Back Home" (Route, 2007). He compares Clayton's travel in music with a roller coaster. I have to admit I know nothing about Ian Clayton, but he seems to be a well known fellow from TV, and an expert on Billie Holiday. In one chapter Clayton lists 40 travel albums, and you'll find them here.

Afterword: This was not the book I thought I had bought. It's not a book about musicians and bands, but a story of how important music may be in a life, based on Ian Clayton's own life as a music fan and collector. You get rock and roll parties, festivals, blues, jazz and brass, but also the saddest part of a life when Clayton loses his daughter. It didn't matter if I had never heard of Clayton (my fault!). A fine read it was!

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