Monday, January 14, 2008

Complete Borealis programme

The complete programme for the BOREALIS festival in Bergen (26/2 - 1/3) is here. We have already mentioned Tuesday's concert with Mike Patton and Stian Carstensen, and also underline Von Südenfeld (Mark E. Smith from The Fall + Mouse on Mars) on Thursday. On Friday they offer Metal Music Machine with people from the noise and metal scenes (Jazkamer, Enslaved, Manngard). On the same day we also get some imported noise from Boris & Michio Kurihara.
The Bergen Public Library have invited guitarist Anders Hana (Noxagt, MoHa!) to play Saturday. "SSSH, this is a library", anyone? Svarte Greiner (meaning "black branches" ) play "acoustic doom" and Astro/Hioshi Hasegawa perform what the Norwegian part of the programme describes as "sounding like the world is imploding". I'm not really sure that I am looking forward to this festival.

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