Monday, January 7, 2008


Today we offer information on two tributes to Robert Wyatt from 2005: Stylized Monkeys: “A blues for Robert Wyatt” (from “Marking the land”) and Popstar Assassins: ”For Robert Wyatt” (from “Moderne”). You may get the Stylized Monkeys tune by buying the whole album on I-tunes. It’s a 10-11 minutes long instrumental, and it is possible to see why it is a tribute. It sounds like Soft Machine on valium, no offence meant. AllAboutJazz have this info on the Spanish band: “This is the music that monkeys do actually in the forest”.
Listen to Popstar Assassins on MySpace. The sound is a bit "Wyattish", but how about the lyrics:

“You can't be real and so remain
A Fantasy
That looks so good when lounging
In your lingerie
Your hair so light and feathery”

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