Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Borealis Day 2

BIT 20 Ensemble's concert in Logen Wednesday was great. They played compositions by Henrik Hellstenius, Christian Blom, festival composer Mathias Spahlinger, Magne Hegdal and Toru Takemitsu. Christian Blom's "Brøndals præpositioner" and Magne Hegdal's "Decett" were played for the first time ever, and damned fine they were.
All composers (except Takemitsu 1930-1996) were present, and looked happy. But once again, why do concerts like this have to be that stiff? First come the musicians, and we applaud them. Then we wait for the conductor, and there he comes (puh!), we applaud once more. He greets his favourite musician, and we're on. The first piece is 10 minutes long. We get some more musicians on stage, and hey, we're waiting again for the conductor, because he went out. Thank God, here he comes back, we applaud again, he greets the same favourite musician and we're on. Come on! Why this drama?


joshua said...

I fell compeled to say that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited!



Svenn said...

Joshua: Thank's for the kind words.
Mogul - what's happening? Please no attacks here. Let's just have fun.