Sunday, February 3, 2008


Let's have some Folk info again now, starting off with poor Richard Thompson singing "Now that I am dead", live and alone in 1992. Record Companies still sell more albums after some artists die, don't they? This song was on French Frith Kaiser Thompson's record "Invisible Means" (1990). And please, buy a lot of Richard Thompson records while he's alive (and long may he live!).
In the Norwegian magazine Ballade I found a piece on a band called Thinguma*jigSaw. Their genre is "splatterfolk", no less. Check them out on MySpace if you dare. They are touring UK these days.
A long interview with Rachel Unthank, who gave us a fantastic cover of Robert Wyatt's "Sea Song" in 2007, may be found on the blog "Salut! Live" (I'll link to this blog from now on).

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