Monday, February 4, 2008

The worst singers in the world!

The music magazine Word (or a blog on their web site) ranked the worst vocalists in the world! In the discussion around this list a snotty fellow claims that Robert Wyatt sings like a dying sheep, and that he is unlistenable! And some people don't want censorship on the net! Caravan's vocalist Pye Hastings is unlucky, and gained a place on the list:
1st= Supertramp, both of 'em
3rd Al Stewart
4th Joan Baez
5th Pye Hastings
6th Lee Jackson
7th Jimmy Pursey
8th Chris Cornell
9th Ray Thomas and last (and most definitely least!!)
10th Chris Farlowe, who has ruined more than most, thinking, most poignantly, of Colosseum......"
Wyatt a dying sheep!

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