Saturday, February 16, 2008

Short news

Domino Records will reissue Robert Wyatt's "Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard" (1975), "Old Rottenhat" (1985), "Shleep"(1997) and "Dondestan (Reissued)" (1998). They will also issue a limited edition of a box of 5 EPs. You may find news like this on Eterni-Tea Forums.

Did you really have any doubt about Kevin Ayers' ability as a philosopher? The blog ENIGMANIA prove how close Ludvig Wittgenstein and our man Kevin are!


Anonymous said...

These are leftover stock from Hannibal/Ryko, bought up by Robert himself (to prevent their destruction) when he
moved record companies. Domino are helping to sell them for him from their website.

There are very different amounts of each album, and include Japanese
release 'His Greatest Misses' 'Drury Lane', 'Cuckooland','Ruth and Richard' 'Dondestan Revisited''Old Rottenhat' 'Shleep' and .E.Ps'

Svenn said...

Hello! Thank´s for the info, and for visiting. Looks like I don´t have to buy anything then, but you know that is not always good news. (I copy your comment to my Norwegian blog too).

Anonymous said...

It's a great site, thank you Sven.

Eventually Domino WILL be re-releasing the whole catalogue.
Hopefully first of all on vinyl.
So maybe you will be tempted!